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iFaqeer (Sabahat Ashraf) Speaking at Yaum-e-Sahir in Milpitas California
A writer, blogger and journalist who currently makes his living as a technical writer based in Silicon Valley, I have lived in Nigeria (including Sokoto and Gusau), Pakistan, and both coasts in the US.

As a journalist, I have been editor of "The Teenager, Pakistan"; a Columnist for "Mag" (an English weekly in Pakistan); and have edited various newsletters, in Pakistan and in the US. Amongst recent publishing credits are "Spider," Pakistan's Internet magazine (http://www.spider.tm), and a cover story for the Siliconeer (http://www.siliconeer.com).

I blog extensively at http://iFaqeer.blogspot.com and http://WadiWallah.blogspot.com. I also edit/manage http://Rickshaw.blogspot.com and contribute to http://Urdu-ke-Naam.blogspot.com, a blog focused on the Urdu language, Sufi poetry, mysticism and the culture around that mix, as well as http://PakistanFutures.blogspot.com, which is devoted to Pakistan. I hope to bring a synthesis of all of that to this space.

My professional life has included technical writing and journalism in both the US and Pakistan. Technical writing assignments have included a Pakistani electronics manufacturer, an offshore software house; Cisco, Mentor Graphics and Cadence in the US.

I am the founder (or one of the founders) of the Human Rights Project at ProgressiveIslam.org (http://humanrights.progressiveislam.org), the Genealogy Wiki (http://genealogy.wikicities.com) and WikiPakistan (http://Pakistan.WikiCities.com).

Work in the Human Rights field started as a Working Committee member of the War Against Rape in Karachi and try to keep himself aware and involved in Human Rights and political issues in Pakistan the US and around the world.

I am also a co-founder/early member of the Friends of South Asia (http://www.friendsofsouthasia.org), an organization focused on peace and human rights in South Asia (India, Pakistan and the rest of that region).

A life-long current affairs-and-politics geek (runs in the family), I have been following current affairs generally, and Pakistani, Indian and American politics in particular for most of my life--and just starting to get involved in the US.