War Against Rape

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Pakistan's War Against Rape

With chapters in Karachi and Lahore, War Against Rape - WAR for short - is a registered NGO dedicated to combatting the age-old societal ill of sexual crimes against women.

Areas of Activity:

WAR's efforts are three-fold: providing legal, medical, psychological and moral support to victims of rape as best we can; creating awareness about violent crimes against women and keeping up the pressure on Government in general and Law Enforcement Agencies in particular in the prevention and handling of cases of these crimes.

Victim Support:

Help and support for rape victims is an ongoing process; from immediate moral support and shelter to the fact that WAR has been successful in securing convictions in several court cases pertaining to sexual crimes.

Rape Crisis Centre:

The basic dream of a Rape Crisis Centre in our major metropolises has started to take shape. A basic Crisis Centre has been set up in the offices of WAR in Karachi.


Two major undertakings towards a society more sensitive and responsive to the issue of Rape are an active in-house drama group and a newsletter.
WAR Drama Group is in the process of being revamped so that, besides its regular street theatre activities, it can become a source of financial stability for WAR.
WAR's Newsletter, so far a means of keeping Friends of WAR in touch, is now in the process of transforming itself into a journal that will help in the getting the message of WAR to a wider circle.

Pressure Group Activities:

When it comes to keeping up the pressure on the establishment, WAR was major factor in the establishment of all-female Women's Cells in each District Police Headquarter (SSP Office) in Karachi. That move has now snoballed into special Women's Police Stations in the main metropolises of Pakistan.


When it comes to keeping up the pressure on the establishment, WAR has been a major factor in expediting the establishment of Women's Cells in each SSP office in Karachi.

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