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[NEDians: I need feedback on the color combination. What you see now is what I remember of the colors originally used for the Point Buses and all -- Dark Brown and very light brown/orange. Any feedback welcome]
One of the major institutions of higher learning in Pakistan, the NED University of Engineering and Technology is located in Karachi, the country's biggest city and main port. And before you ask us, NED stands for Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshaw; a Parsi philanthropist whose benevolence made the then NED College of Engineering and Techology possible. However, now that NED College has become the NED University, no one uses the full form of the name and very few even remember what it was supposed to stand for.

Strictly speaking, the NED University encompasses the main main campus near the Karachi University in Gulshan-e-Iqbal as well as the Dawood College of Engineering & Technology and the Pak Air Force's Engineering College in Risalpur. However, most of the attention here is focused on the main campus. I am hoping some Dawoodians will hook up with us and make this more inclusive.

On the main campus, we have the departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and one called Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Metallurgical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering are offered at Dawood College. (I think there is one more, but I am writing from memory. Will some Dawoodian please correct me or confirm?) The Architecture program is at Dawood, too, but behaves for the most part as an independent entity from the rest of the College. Risalpur is where Pakistan's only curriculum in Aeronautical Engineering is offered.

This home page is an effort on the part of some NED alumni to create a real home for our alma mater on the World Wide Web. So here goes:

We have started collecting resources. Please email me at with contributions, suggestions, additions, comments, etc.:

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