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At least one person has told me that listening to me is often times like reading hypertext; what with stuff popping up and the listener having to keep track of stuff and all that. And I have to admit, it certainly feels at times that my mind is working in hypermedia. So I figure two things: Firstly, I have to watch that I don't try to explain three things at the same time to the same person. Secondly, I am counting upon The World Wide Web being a natural medium for me. A medium that will help me organize my thoughts, plans and activities and get to that ideal state I have been working towards. So here goes!

What's in it for you? Well, I have some very varied interests and you just might find something that you like and/or want to be part of and/or just wanna laugh at. [See what I mean about talking in hypermedia?]


Let's see now ... I

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